Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mail Order Brides: Human Trafficking

There's a link on Tomorrow.sg about the questionable practice of Vietnamese mailorder brides. Is this a business of human trafficking, squeezing in via a loophole?

I'm sure there are genuine cases of men who fall in love with the person whose picture they picked out of a book. I'm sure in some cases language barriers are broken and these men actually treasure and look after their foreign wives.

But there will be cases where these women are brought in under the pretext of marriage, are rejected, and find themselves in a brothel because they have nowhere else to go as they are technically "overstayers" and can be arrested.

In the US there have been a number of documented cases of Filipino women who go to the US as mail order brides only to be hacked to pieces by the men that bought them.

This is part of the fight Women Make A Difference has taken on -- sex trafficking and tourism. Trafficking is when women and children are smuggled to affluent countries and traded like meat for usually sexual purposes. Tourism is when sickos come to their country to abuse the women and children. Either way it's WRONG and should be punishable.

Human life is so precious. Yes circumstances may be so bleak that prostitution might even appear to be a good option vs doing nothing and starving to death. But the price you pay is human dignity — once lost, it's lost for generations.

Depressing stuff to sleep on...


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