Friday, July 22, 2005


I know this has nothing to do with saving children from prostitution, but I need some help and I'm hoping all you kind people reading this will pass it on.

I am doing something I never thought I would: I am selling off my Neil Gaiman library.

I started reading The Sandman in 1988, when my cousin from San Francisco dragged me to the comic shops across all of Singapore looking for the first edition of #8, which is legendary of course because it's the first time Death appears.

Anyway, I am now a mother and a Christian and need to clear the house of any unsuitable material that my precocious 6-year-old Scrabble-mad son can get his sticky hands on. And The Sandman falls under that category next to the Poppy Z Brite, Anais Nin, Lolita and "gender study" material.

My collection is quite valuable lah, because they are all first editions (mostly hardcover trades, well kept, not read -- as comic collectors know, we buy the HC to keep and the trades to read) bought from the superior comic libraire Comics Mart at Serene Centre where I spent many of my formative years.

Here's the list (they are ALL Hardcover First Printings)
1. Sandman Preludes and Nocturnes
2. Sandman Dream Country
3. Sandman Season Of Mists
4. Sandman A Game Of You
5. Sandman Fables and Reflections
6. Sandman Doll's House
7. Sandman The Kindly Ones
8. Sandman World's End
9. Brief Lives
10 Endless Nights
11. Sandman The Wake
12. Sandman The Dream Hunters (Gaiman with Yoshitaka Amano, Jap legend illustrator) -- this one is a bit discolored on the cover due to humidity
13. Death The Time Of Your Life
14. Death High Cost Of Living (this one has humidity spots on the inside pages and a 2" tear on the back of the dust cover)
15. Sandman Book of Dreams (prose), Gaiman with Ed Cramer
16. Angels + Visitations (prose)
17. Sandman Companion by Hy Bender
18. Mr Punch, first print of 15,000 copies
19. The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish
20. Murder Mysteries, adapted from a Gaiman radio play, illustrated by P Craig Russell

The HC collection above cost me well over $1000. THEN.

I also have Signal to Noise, Black Orchid, single issues 1-8 and more, statues, T-shirts, a very very rare magazine that was produced (more like stencilled) by this crazy comic shop owner in San Francisco who owns the most amazing comicbook shop and who had an exclusive interview with Gaiman, Death tattoos etc etc.

Sigh the life of the DINK.

I hope someone who can appreciate the value of these first prints would take ALL of them off my hands. Price is negotiable — I know some of them are worth many many times what they first sold for.

Please pass the word along, and interested parties please email me at I will give a portion of sale amount to the shelter that WMD/UNIFEM is supporting.


Blogger jadeite said...

"any unsuitable material that my precocious 6-year-old Scrabble-mad son can get his sticky hands on"

if your son would like to play more scrabble, do come down for tournaments and practice sessions. check out :)

now, sandman. can i just check with you which edition your sandman is? i'm looking for the colored editions that kino USED to sell, with covers designed by dave mckean. the ones that when you put all the graphic novels together, forms a colorful rainbow. i have books 1-3 of that particular edition and kino most upsettingly decided to stock a different edition.

if you have those, please quote price to i adore you. :D

9:41 PM

Blogger threez said...

Hi there! you mean the tournaments accept 6 year olds? Can bring dictionary one or not?

I don't have the coloured editions I'm afraid! But you should try Comics Mart at Serene Centre (they also have a branch at Raffles City 3rd floor). Mine are REALLLLLLLLY old, and very rare now and are fetching a few times their price.

Thanks for looking! ; )

11:30 PM

Blogger Comics R Us said...

Hi I'm interested in your collection.
May i take a look at them before i decide?
You can contact me via email at
Thank you.


3:03 PM


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