Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Film on children of prostitutes in Calcutta

Thanks to SGFILM on Tomorrow, I found this link to a Sundance award winner about Calcutta kids born into brothels by murraystreet.

Screening of this film Born Into Brothels are on Saturday 23rd and 30th July, 5 pm at Singapore History Museum. Tickets are available at $10 from The Substation Box Office (Mon-Fri 12-830pm).

Many of these children are actually born into brothels. Their moms are teen prostitutes that get pregnant (because their clients often won't bother with condoms). Some of these teens make it to full term, and then quite often their babies are harvested to be prostitutes also — that's like breeding babies for food if you ask me.

Some of these child mothers do not make it. They die in mid-term pregnancy because their little bodies cannot biologically cope with carrying a baby to full term.

This film, however is not about child prostitutes but the children of prostitutes (thanks Davester).

I know I said that I won't say anymore about NKF but when I look at situations like these, I wish I could take some of the peanuts TT Durai had and use it to help children like these.


Blogger Davester said...

Thanks Threez. I do hope people watch the movie. It really is superb.

12:22 AM

Blogger Davester said...

Just a clarification that BIB isn't really a film about child prostitutes in Calcutta, but more on children of prostitutes. :)

12:59 AM


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