Monday, August 01, 2005

"Blogs Are Like, Hot And Funky!"

I'm busting a gut reading Mr Miyagi's post on Sumiko Tan today!!!

Sumiko is a right babe. Has been since I first saw her when I was interning at the Straits Times and she was cooing pet names into the phone, pet names that rewrote the dictionary on "shame". So I can imagine Mr Miyagi's disappointment at being unable to engage the luscious Sumiko (keep trying dude, and write nice things about her in your blog).

Sumiko's petrified of the Blogosphere because it represents chaos vs the orderly world of journalism, yet it has so many of the elements of journalism. Someone commented that perhaps traditional press is afraid blogs will take over -- well, I doubt it will happen soon, because Singaporeans still prefer news that they can touch and see. Still, blogs offer what the newspapers can't-- people's true feelings and opinions, without fear that they will be judged or worse, EDITED, or taken out of context.

Is it masturbation? Maybe.
Is it free speech? Mostly.
Is it a bunch of lies and vicious rumours? Only if we're having PMS. And if it's about Sumiko (hahaha -- KIDDING)

It's really funny how the parallel universes of the Blogosphere and Newspaper Journalism exist in a totally codependent relationship — they're totally into each other one day, and totally p*ssing on each other the next but they can't live without each other.

What really makes me laugh is Mr Miyagi's comment about the New Paper's feature on blogs: "I think because there wasn't enough soccer to cover, the nation's top tabloid decided, hey, you know what? I have a brilliant idea, let's talk about blogs! No one has done it before! Blogs are so, like, you know, new and hot and funky, like, new and hot and funky, like?"

(I laugh because that's EXACTLY what they think!!! We used to have like, a tank of "ideas" where we tossed story ideas for "later", and I guess TNP pulled out "Blogs" a year later than most ...)

URBAN, which I mostly like reading, does a silly chart every thursday where it's supposed to give the lowdown on what's in and what's out (such charts by the way, are waaaaaaay out).

Here's mine:

URBANE: Mr Miyagi
URBANE: Blogging
URBANE: Freedom Of Speeh
SUBURBANE: Fear Of Free Speech
URBANE: Real Men
SUBURBANE: Pretty Boys
URBANE: Cowboy Caleb's Almost Daily Audiorama
SUBURBANE: URBAN's Urban-Suburban Chart!


Blogger Mr Miyagi said...

I'm compiling nice things about Sumiko to write about. Stay tuned!

5:52 PM

Blogger Cowboy Caleb said...

eh you wouldnt happen to be sumiko hor?

7:20 PM

Blogger threez said...

Piang, you insult me! She may be beautiful but she could NEVER write like me, hor, Garcon de Boeuf!

11:53 PM

Blogger Tym said...

Loved the Urbane/Suburbane list even though, yes, it's so 1990s. But Urban is like a lesson in how to break all the rules in fashion/lifestyle journalism at one go.

12:03 AM

Blogger Ruok said...

hmm, looks like I have to go buy popcorns liow... wait a minute, I dun eat popcorns. Ah well.

2:05 AM

Blogger Cowboy Caleb said...

I asked Tym over dinner last night if you were Sumiko hahahah.

She laughed her head off.

1:13 PM

Blogger threez said...

Oh for the love of Teletubbies!!! That's it, i'm taking a blog break now!

1:23 PM


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