Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Recently I have been thinking again, pondering about the first cause Women Make A Difference fought: child abuse and child sex trafficking, and along with it the trafficking of women into sexual slavery.

This morning I read this story


A UK detective who spent his life cracking down on pedophiles became one himself. Weirdly, I do not judge him. Even though I think he should receive due punishment according to the law, the way the men he had caught before have been punished.

When a crusader goes into this world to fight such evils, there are forces coming against him or her in seen and unseen ways. One cannot undermine the lure of falling into the very act one is fighting against - being exposed to the perceived "allure" of sex with a very young girl on a constant basis. In the same way narcotics officers sometimes succumb to drugs - "What is it I am fighting against, exactly?" being the fatal question - sex trafficking fighters are not immune.

So how does one insulate against such temptation? Staying fully accountable is key - always have someone to report back to about all your activities. Have your vision and mission written down and placed in a prominent place - it will remind you why you are in this job. Recognise when one is feeling temptation - and flee, as the Good Book says. It takes discipline, but it will serve the cause one has been fighting for all along. It is a personal battle that one has to win in order to continue one's life work.

So I have been thinking, musing, pondering. 1. What can WMD do? 2. Who needs help that we can help quickly?
3. What is our goal and our map to getting there?

Serendipitously I have read about Karen Tse this week (www.ibj.org) and today a friend sent me this report about little girls 7, 8 years old forced to be brides to 20something men in Hamas (http://thelastcrusade.org/2009/08/07/hamas-plays-host-to-pedophilia/), which made my heart bleed, but did not shock me - it is not dissimilar from the child brides in India.

Suffer the little children. We have much work to do.