Tuesday, September 13, 2005

These Women (and men) Made A Real Difference!

It's taken me a coupla days to recover from Women Expo (last Thurs through Sun) -- mainly because I had ignored so many things last week while at the Expo that they all avalanched on me these 3 days!

The Expo was great! Even though we did not hit our target of 250 t-shirts sold we did nearly half that and it was good! 120 T-shirts sold in 4 days was pretty darn good work, but the real satisfaction came from meeting and working with the passionate volunteers (who were multiple-time customers too! They were calling friends to take orders, it was just great!) and meeting and talking to women who heard about the cause and were so moved they gave donations (all of which will go direct to UNIFEM). This auntie with her daughter said, "I don't have much money, but I want to give." Her $10 was the biggest gift of the day -- I was moved to near tears.

Similarly with two young women who were helping out at a spa booth, who were so shocked by what they read and heard about child sex tourism, that they scrimped and pinched and gave up lunch money to buy the Kids' T-shirt (because it was cheaper than the grownup t's and these ladies were so small they fit into them!) I took a picture of their sacrificial giving:

Our celebrity friends helped a lot! Karen moved many. Eunice was inundated with women and children wanting to take pictures with MP but it was good because she engaged them in a conversation about the cause.

Nanz Chong, my sweet dear friend, did a spot-on job, picking on the audience as she spoke (particularly 2 men hanging at the back in shorts looking like they were waiting for us to screen photos of little children being abused -- SICKOS). Nanz sold quite a number of T-shirts indeed, and many women came looking for her to find out what she had been up to.

On Sunday afternoon WMD had a lovely surprise:


came to help! She wasn't there as officially "newscaster" or the station would not be happy, but she was a WMD volunteer. What an amazing show of personal conviction to the cause!!! I was very touched. Glenda and my buddy Judith stood at the front of the hall giving out flyers -- many people came to the booth, and one said "Hey, was that Glenda Chong who just gave me a flyer?!!!!"

Yes, now buy a T-shirt!

Glenda sold to one great guy, whom we call Mr Anonymous, who bought a T-shirt but didn't want to leave his name. He pledged he would never ever indulge in sex with underaged girls in any country. Now, to get another 2 million pledges...

To my volunteers -- what amazing girls -- thank you for your hard work and most of all your heart. Every bit counts. We WILL make a difference because we choose to.

And for Tomorrow.Sg and all who read this post and supported us -- thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Next up for WMD: a live discussion of the horrors of child sex tourism, 22 September, NEWSRADIO 938, 10am.


Blogger Cowboy Caleb said...

Hi, I've left my phone at home so errr you won't be able to reach me today.

9:28 AM

Blogger ling said...

I must say selling tees for WMD at the Women Expo was really an experience for me. Rain taught me how to screen 'potential' buyers. For example, those who slowed down to check out our booth and posters would likely buy, those who were all dressed up and wearing expensive clothes would likely not buy, etc. Interesting lesson! The highlight was of course selling tee with Glenda Chong. I even had her autograph (for my brother) and took a photo with her. My friends who saw the photo asked me since when I started rubbing shoulder with celebrity? Haha.

Although we sold 120 tees at the expo, there are many hundreds of tees left to be sold. For the next few days, I am going to call everybody I know to buy a tee from me!

- Janice

1:21 AM

Blogger ling said...

I have a bugging question: Is cowboy caleb our dear Mr Anonymous? :-))

Mr Anonymous, for buying a tee for your wife and making a pledge with WMD, you got your photo posted on WMD website and all the Singaporean women's thumbs-up. Now this is what I call great value for money. :P

12:35 PM

Blogger avalon said...

Thanks for sharing about this. What you gals are doing have impacted me. Keep it up. Will keep checking in.

9:43 PM

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