Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Children are such beautiful creatures of God. Anyone who has a son or daughter will tell you that their laughter rings in the corners of your heart even days after you've heard it.

That anyone would take one of these bright, innocent children and sell them into a brothel, and that a Singaporean man would come in, pay money, take off his pants and enter this little child, tearing her tender flesh, if that doesn't make you feel like throwing up, I don't know what will.


I urge you to sign this very important petition to urge our moral and good government to live up to its reputation and pass the law that will prosecute the beasts that commit such an act against humanity.

Then get 500 of your friends to do it!

We want to hit thousands of signatures -- we know our country is filled with people who want to make a difference and who want to do right.

Our deadline is 12 Oct to hit 5000 signatures.

Help us make it happen.

POSTSCRIPT: An excellent argument for/against/for/against legislation can be found here


Blogger ling said...

As a WMD volunteer, I have sold close to 80 tees to friends for the recent fundraising effort but I had a hard time getting people to sign the petition! People are willing to give money to a good cause and quietly support it but are too afraid to speak up and too afraid to reveal their identities for fearing the law. My advice to you is: choose your words carefully when you state an opinion or a fact. Just don't launch a personal attack at anyone and you will be safe. If you are upset about something, say what upsets you and the reasons. For example, I am upset about child prostitution in Asia beacuse the children are being exploited by some adults instead of being protected by them, I am upset that the children can't have a happy childhood just like you and I had, I am upset that instead of giving them laughters, we give them tears, I am upset that ... etc, etc. Will the law come after you for saying these? NO. PLEASE sign the petition now. Because if you don't, I will be really upset. :-((

9:57 AM

Blogger Faith said...

Hi Threez, go for it!

12:39 AM

Blogger Jialin said...

Hi Theresa, I've been reading your blog now and as a Singaporean currently living overseas, I must say that it was really great to read about the WMD expo, even though I didn't get to go. I just received a birthday package from home and in it was a certain fuchsia tee that I very proudly wore to work (at a university library) on Friday. I'll be headed back home come year's end, and might have some free time on my hands, during which I'd absolutely love to volunteer with WMD. I couldn't find a WMD website or any official mode of contact, but then again I did just do a cursory Google search. In any case, if you could give me some information on volunteering with WMD, please email me at pricklyechidna at gmail dot com. Thank you! :)

7:57 PM

Blogger Rich Molumby said...

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12:02 AM

Blogger "s0n|c'C@libr3,, said...

great work

i can't get to the link. is it broken?

Well i am still proud of wad ya are doing. And i agree with both hands and legs lifted up. Children are adorable beings. They are so full of hope :)

9:57 PM

Blogger Tigerkiller said...

I'm so sorry for your lost.

12:40 PM

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