Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Blog Hymen Grew Back

Hmm, and I thought, since I had not posted for nearly a year, that this blog might actually have disappeared.

Pleasantly surprised.

If you're wondering why I suddenly so "eng" to blog, it's because my poor sweet baboo has the worst lung infection ever, caught from our adorable and very infectious five year old. Symptoms include 40 degree fever, spiking every 4 hours, body chills, vomiting and severe body aches. Duration: 7 days.

So I am home although I had originally intended to attend the Festival of Praise at the Indoor Stadium because one of my favourite heroes is speaking: Dr Ed Silvoso, author of the book Women: God's Secret Weapon, utterly brilliant and anointed man.

So I'll just have to get the CD.

I really should be starting on Christmas play because I will have two women (one also pregnant) after me in a matter of days for the first draft. It will be great - if only I could get it to write itself or Bill Gates could come up with something like a mind translator where I just need to put on a pair of headphones and think all the brilliant scripts in my brain and the manuscript is done in an hour, voila!

But first, a shower. It's promising to rain - but there are still obscene wet patches from under my pregnant boobies and I'm not even breastfeeding yet...