Friday, September 09, 2005

Star-Studded Sexpose!

Today was a HIT! Praise Omnipresence!!!

The pure presence of celebrity was the draw to our humble booth, manned by my mannequin without panties. (Come back here tomorrow for a photo). It is wearing our pink T-shirt and my sweater to keep it from being too distracting. (By the way it's a grown mannequin)

When actress Karen Tan (my oldest bestest friend through 4 kids between us ...) showed up, there weren't many people in the audience. But as she spoke, more ladies (and some men) came to hang around and watch and listen. The Expo turned off the sound so all anyone could hear was the clanging bell of "DON'T HAVE SEX WITH YOUNG GIRLS!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO THEM, YOU SICK PERVERT?!"

Well, not so dramatic but from the ashen faces of not a few men we knew the point hit home. A few came to sign up as volunteers after that, which was very touching. Many said they were moved by what she said -- moved enough, I hope to do something about it and not just say "So poor thing hor?". That's Karen's "WOW this is a bigger audience than some of the performances I've done!" face. How can you not love a face like that?!

Eunice Olsen, formerly Miss Singapore and also the Vanna White of Singapore, now powderful Nominated Member of Parliament (she is SUCH a cool girl) walked into the hall and suddenly I feel as royalty has entered the room and I am the official cupbearer. She's saying hi and waving to everyone because they are just GAWKING. Helps that she is awesomely beautiful and very funny. I'm going to write her a part in my next play. That's fat old me sitting next to Girl Wonder.

Anyway there were many hiccups because I am a technosaur and donno how to expand the video screen! But Eunice did a great job and was inundated with people who wanted to take pictures with her and women who said "HOW CAN I VOLUNTEER?" Which was music to my ears.

Tomorrow Nanz Chong will speak. She is going to be great -- I cannot wait! She's fun and loud and she is going to be selling T-shirts!

But the REAL stars of the day were all the people who put their names down to volunteer, everyone who bought a T-shirt, and MOST OF ALL MY FANTASTIC VOLUNTEERS!!! Janice, Pam, Cherlynn, Rain, Vera, Melissa, Pei San, Meixuan, Sook Wei, Chantal — you guys are the real deal.


Blogger ling said...

Volunteering with WMD was really a rewarding one for me. I have gained so much from this fund-raising event. I met many wonderful people at the expo and I even sold tees together with Glenda Chong, the talented CNA Newscaster!

Then there was one guy I approached who was really nice. He bought a tee for his wife after listening to my "sales pitch" and pledged that he will never ever get into the evil deed. Later he tried to help us by telling some girls at the other booths to buy the pink tee. Wish there were more people like Mr anonymous. He certainly made my day!

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