Thursday, July 14, 2005

FLAMING! The NKF Responsibility Petition

A friend just sent me the NKF Responsibility Petition and I clicked on just one of the petitions (there are like 200) and it's about 1000 people expressing their views (all right, scolding NKF, TT Durai and Mrs "Peanuts" Goh, and demanding the resignation of Durai and the board of directors.

Boy these people are furious!

I wonder if the government is going to step in at any point and stem this outrage. It is pretty bad. Mostly the outrage surrounds the issue of trust. It's true: once trust is broken it'll take twice the work to build it back.


Blogger Cloudywind said...

200 and 1000 are nothing compared to the 3000 over ppl terminating their donations... and affecting all kidney patients.

10:15 PM

Blogger cybeRanger said...

When will he step down?

4:51 PM

Blogger ming said...

he is earning good money in there man. if i was him i wouldn't step down. interesting boo boo they made sueing SPH

6:05 PM


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