Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Shopping with Eunice Olsen at Sun Ho's new shop

I don't want to lose any credibility but I just need to have one bimbo moment and say that I really had fun today!

I've been not shopping for so long that I think my shopping hymen grew back. The last 10 items I bought were groceries from Cold Storage (including 5 packets of Holly Farm almond jelly that does not gel -- PLEASE DON'T BUY) and a Chinese zi dian for my son.

Today, because Sun has been such an awesome supporter of WMD, I brought Eunice Olsen and my buddy J to go and do some damage at her new store, SKIN (#02-332E, Marine Square, near the Suntec entrance where Metro used to be).

I'm not a streetwear chick, not say I dowan but my body is just made for the boring stuff (MaxMara, DKNY -- the most exciting thing I have in my wardrobe is my collection of Blumarine fur-trim cardigans).

But the store makes you want to shop, and I mean it, coming from someone who used to do all her shopping in NYC, Paris and Milan. It's really well laid-out, the changing rooms are mighty funky, and the labels are hip LA brands that you see in InStyle. Sun also has the exclusive distributorship to VON DUTCH (the REAL Von Dutch), as well as Ed Hardy, the original VD designer.

Being 8kg heavier than I should, I of course looked like Mrs Hippo next to Eunice Olsen, who is the Supermodel Who Was Too Smart To Become One. The woman is a pole with boobs and luscious hips. Can't stand it! This is the sort of situation where you must be smart enough NOT TO TRY THE SAME OUTFIT if you do not want to bolt for the nearest Marie France (which is just 5 minutes dash away, in case).

Eunice tried on a grey tank with lace and beads. Awesome, it's a winner. I wish whoever stole my camera phone didn't.
Then she tried on white jeans with pink trimming from True Religion. WHITE JEANS! Who can wear white jeans beside Paris Hilton and she looks like a staff member of Tarts R Us. Eunice looks awesome.
There was virtually NOTHING she tried on that didn't look great.
I felt physically nauseous!!

It got so bad that Eunice, Sun and my bud J said to me, "IF WE HEAR THE F-A-T WORD COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH ONE MORE TIME IT'S $15! THAT'S $5 FOR EACH OF US!"

I'd gladly pay if each $15 got rid of one kg!!!

Anyway, I stealthily tried on like, TWENTY pieces, each one more bak chang than the last. The only piece that made me look vaguely hip and comfortable was this beautiful shirt from Raw 7, which also appeared on the cover of ELLE US in Feb this year.

I don't look anything like Uma either but at least I don't look like a nonya chang hanging from a red raffia string, waiting for someone to pull it and put me out of my misery.

It was really really fun... After my next 2 paychecks from my slim stream of writing income, I'll hazard another visit ... or else I'll just bring Eunice again and shop vicariously.

PS I also met Mr Brown accidentally today and accidentally bought him cake and then discovered it was his birthday!


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Yes, thank you for the cake, it was delicious! Haha!

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