Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Don't leave long copy near a Subeditor


This is the last time I'm going to do an interesting interview (Straits Times Mind Your Body, Faith Hope and Mr Brown) When I have too much to write, I write too much and leave too much in the hands of the sub.

Who doesn't have time for the Internet.

Who writes that Mr Brown's blog is at (when my original text was

I paiseh man, that's my name up there you know.

But it's my fault, all my fault. I should deliver clean, to-the-word-count copy. EARLY. So I'm sorry.

Anyway there IS one glaring mistake that I made because I didn't call to check:

AWWA Special School is now at 9 Lorong Napiri.

not Kwong Ave anymore.

But I do like that photo. Faith is a cutie, and she is blessed with one pair of happening parents. God is good.


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