Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Support Bertrand Lee!

Bertrand Lee directed one of my plays, Dirty Laundry, adapted for TV by Lionel Chok and Juan Foo. We have only said "hi, bye" one time. But I loved what he did with it (really pathetic story -- definitely not one of my own favourites but in case you are reading, Lionel and Juan, I am forever grateful that you saw potential in it!!). He is bold, visionary and has a great style that is modern yet I feel, distinctly Asian.

Bertrand had a leg amputated following a nasty accident in Mumbai (he was run over by a 20-ton truck - I will reserve comment right now on the upside down traffic rules of India where to shake your head means Yes and Red Man means Walk Across The Street Now)

I do not believe that Bertrand's career has "ended" in any way. He is currently still in hospital and requires a series of operations, following which he will need to be rehabilitated to move again. He will need more resources than ever now to pursue his vocation — as we all know, Singapore is not exactly the most handicap-friendly place in the world.

He needs all the help we can give. $750,000 is being sought to help him. There is a Bertrand Lee Appeal Film Screening tomorrow night at GV Grand at 9pm. They are screening a retrospective of Bertrand's movies at $8. I believe you can get tickets at the door.

If you wish to give directly, go here for details.


Blogger Barffie said...

You wrote "Dirty Laundry"??!!! I used it for a school project on directing many years back! Great story :P:P:P

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