Sunday, June 19, 2005

Denise Keller Is Anti-Child Sex Tourism!

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Denise is very beautiful.

But the real star of this photo, shot by Wee Khim and styled by Johnny Khoo exclusively for WMD, is the pink T-shirt she is wearing.

The next phase of the anti child-sex tourism campaign by Women Make a Difference (WMD) starts here!

We got 8 celebrities and famous women who decided to Make A Difference with us by promoting our fundraising T-shirt.

Denise is wearing it � it says "I Am Woman Hear Me Roar!"

What is means is that when women come together in sizeable numbers we can really make ourselves heard. Thing is, what are we saying that needs to be heard?

We are saying that children that have been sold into prostitution need help.

We are saying that Singapore men going to Batam to have sex with 12 year old girls is WRONG.

We are saying that the well-educated women who are able to earn their own money and who have no lack of opportunities, have to help the girls who are born into circumstances which determine their only oppportunity they have is to be sold into prostitution.

Buy a T-shirt (each costs $39.90 incl GST and will retail at 77th Street at Heeren and Far East Plaza from mid-July). The net proceeds from every pack go to UNIFEM to help victims of the child sex or sex trafficking trade, to provide food, shelter as well as counselling to help undo years of abuse.

Tell all your friends about it. And look out for our full campaign in the press int he coming weeks!


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